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The gallery portrays the most attractive and distinctive fabrics of Tejidos Unión. The different styles have been designed to provide an extensive variety of fabrics to decorate each environment in a contemporary way while maintaining a timeless elegance.


Traditional and elegant fabrics designed to upholster or decorate classic interior spaces and furniture.

Damask and Jacquard loom

Floral geometric compositions in several tones. Designs that dress the environments to be decorated.

Empesa Mallorca

Plain weave fabric of a single tone within its colour palette. These modern fabrics are main elements of a successful decoration and they can easily be applied to different uses like curtains, upholstery, casements or wall.


Compositions with floral themes framed in stripped fabrics. Of great elegance, they are perfect to upholster and decorate classic interiors.


Based on the traditional design typical from Mallorca Island (Spain). These designs feature the well-known Majorcan strips? to bring feelings of relax, freedom, and summer warmth.


Compositions of vertical or horizontal stripped fabrics. Perfect to bring up a modern and contemporary character.


Traditional velvets of high quality, that bring warmth to a specific area or piece of furniture.

Toile de Jouy

Designs with unique French traditional scenes. These bring a country and elegant touch to any space. They are perfect to upholster.